July 1, 2022

New Release:

We are happy to announce the release of the debut Galvladi Oglaigh single "Elysian Fields" from the sequentially-released album Elysian Fields on all platforms!!!

October 31, 2021

New Release:

 Through a series of mysterious and transcendent interactions with Andrew J., the staff of Metal Majesty LLC came to be connected to the recordings of Gates Bookerton. Through a great deal of research and only seeing it fitting to follow through with the wishes of Andrew J., we at Metal Majesty Records have fully published across all channels the recordings, story, and artwork as presented to us.

October 2021

New Release:

Best of Hot Guitar Solos, Vol 1 (2003 - 2021) 

*A collection of some of the hottest Justin Bruce guitar solos from the years 2003 - 2021.*

September 2021

New Release:

To celebrate the 34th anniversary this week of the cult classic film Fatal Attraction, we release the brand new Shame the Masses/ Matt Komlofske collaboration industrial-rock single "Black Widow (One More Time)" on Friday, Sept 24th on all platforms!!

August 2021

We have founded the independent record label/ entertainment company Metal Majesty LLC.  Check us out at www.metalmajesty.com